What is Brunk Outdoors?

Brunk Outdoors Youtube channel started in 2015 with our first video Hoyt Nitrum Turbo Full Tuning Video. We started the channel for fun but quickly learned that we could connect with people and give tips on archery and hunting, and hopefully try to bring more people into this sport that we are so passionate about. Filming our hunts and putting up content on youtube quickly became a separate passion where we could share our knowledge and love for the outdoors as well as relive the great memories we had with friends and family.

Brunk Outdoors is a family based hunting channel following Trevor, Hunter, and Troy on their hunting adventures throughout the year. We do a lot of public land hunting in the midwest for whitetail and turkey, but we also take trips out west every year to hunt Elk.

Our main focus at Brunk Outdoors is to provide the viewer with the most realistic hunting footage possible. We work hard for our hunting success and on our channel we hope to provide the tips to help you be successful as well.

For us the hunt is more than just the harvest, we do not strive to only show kill shots. Our channel is devoted to real world hunting that you the viewer will be able to relate to. This is hunting as real as it gets!



Hunter Brunk


Trevor Brunk