Wildlife Consulting

We want to try to help you find success every year on public and private land! We have done this for a few different people who have emailed us and we thought this would be a great opportunity to try to help everyone. With our experience on Public and Private land we believe we will be able to offer you a new perspective to help you out in the field. We will offer a couple different options that you can purchase here on the site, but in person consulting will need to be set up through email in order to make sure we can accommodate everything you are wanting.

NEW! With every purchase of our consulting you will receive a 1 year membership to On X Hunt! A $30 value!

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Public/Private land Mapping

With this option you would send us the locations you would want us to look at using maps. From there we would identify potential buck bedding areas, and areas to focus on. This option would include a single one-on-one phone explanation where we would talk through the area with you to explain why we chose those areas. This one-on-one will allow you to get a full explanation on how we would start hunting that particular piece of land. Additional one-on-one consultations can be added in order to give your own feedback on what you are seeing throughout the fall so we can try to help adjust tactics to have the best potential at success.

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Private land farm layout by mapping

Have you ever picked up a new piece of private land and thought, “How do I set up this property for success?” With this option we would go through your property by maps to locate areas we would plant food plots and potential tree stand locations. With the food plots we would provide advice on what to plant to give your deer and turkey everything they need to reach their potential. This option also comes with a one-on-one phone consultation where we go over everything together in order to help understand what was suggested, as well as, where we would recommend getting seed and chemicals. Our goal is to help you set up your property for success for years to come!


in person private land consulting

This is the ultimate plan! We would talk to you on the phone to understand your goals and experiences hunting the particular property. Then we would meet with you in person at the property to walk the land with you. From there we would help you identify buck bedding locations on the property, stand locations, where to hunt, how to access without bumping shooters off and everything in between!

This is the ultimate plan we offer to try to help you have your best season yet! Click on the button below to inquire about this option. In your email please include your location and what time of year you are thinking you want us to travel to your area. From there we can calculate costs and a fair price for you.